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7G-Tronic - 7 Speed Automatic Gearbox

This automatic transmission from Mercedes-Benz is the first ever 7 speed box to be fitted to a production car. From 2003 it appeared in the V8 engined models from the german manufacturer including the S-Class, CL-Class, SL-Class and E-Class models (excluding AMG models).

The new technology is claimed to increase performance while improving fuel efficiency. The smoothness of the shift system is said to be smoother than Mercedes current 5 speed box. With 7 forward gears and the ratios being spread over a wider range the transmission can react more rapidly and flexibly. It also has 2 reverse gears with the higher ratio making acceleration safer in winter conditions by reducing wheelspin.

The unit is only slightly larger and heavier than the 5 speed box it replaces due to the lightweight magnesium alloy being used to manufacture the casing. This is another innovation brought to the roads by Mercedes-Benz.

- S. Cookson

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